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Artificial Intelligence has opened up new possibilities in dentistry. Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge app for your smartphone that allows us to remotely track your treatment progress. .

Dental monitoring

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge app for your smartphone that allows Dr Hasnaini to remotely track your treatment progress. Instead of coming to our practice for adjustment appointments, you can send us photos of your teeth through the app - and carry on with your day!

Dental monitoring

How does Dental Monitoring work?

Here at The Brace, Dental Monitoring works in just three simple steps:

1. Take a scan - this is as simple as opening the Dental Monitoring app on your smartphone and taking a few photos of your teeth.

2. The team will review your scan to ensure your treatment is progressing well.

3. You will then receive feedback from the team.

Dental monitoring


  • It’s convenient - Orthodontic treatment has never been easier. You can straighten your smile anywhere and any time as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection.
  • It’s accurate - Because we will see your smile more frequently through your weekly selfies, we will be able to adjust your treatment as needed to provide you better, faster results.
  • It gives you greater communication with us - If you have a question about your treatment at any time, you can send us a message through the app.
  • It allows treatment from anywhere - You can complete your treatment from home, work, school or travel - anywhere in the world!
  • It’s offered for all cases - We offer Dental Monitoring to all our Invisalign® and braces patients to ensure flexibility throughout your treatment journey.

Dental monitoring

Dental Monitoring



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