Teeth whitening treatment

The Brace Orthodontic Practice is proud to offer teeth whitening treatment as an option for our patients. Teeth whitening is a swift and affordable way to enhance your smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Why are my teeth discoloured?

Teeth discolour for many reasons. Many people experience a natural darkening of the teeth as they age. Sometimes, this colouration is due to staining from smoking, tea, wine or coffee. Whatever the reason for the staining, teeth whitening treatment can brighten your smile.

Teeth whitening

Is teeth whitening treatment safe?

Absolutely. A specialist knows what chemicals provide the best results without causing any harm to your teeth. When overseen by a Specialist Orthodontist, teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective way to give your smile some extra oomph.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening and orthodontic treatment

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, we recommend you wait until it is finished before trying teeth whitening. This is because whitening treatment only affects the surfaces it comes in contact with. If your teeth are crowded or overlapping, you won’t achieve an even colour for your smile.

Teeth whitening

Try professional whitening treatment today

With the whitening treatment at The Brace, we can brighten your smile multiple shades in just one sitting. Contact our team today to find out what whitening treatment could do for you.

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Teeth whitening

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