Gold braces

Gold braces

Gold braces are the new trend in town and we have them right here at The Brace Orthodontic Practice.

Results that glow

At The Brace, we believe everyone should be able to achieve the smile they've always dreamed of - no matter what age they may be. That's why we have always said braces aren't just for teenagers; they're for adults too. However, many adult patients have been concerned about what they'll look like with braces on their teeth.  We say - embrace the look, because the results will be worth it. 

And now, orthodontic treatment for our adult patients just got a whole lot more fun with the gold braces we have available. 

What are gold braces?

Gold braces are exactly the same as the fixed metal braces we have available but for one distinct difference - they're gold! They're just as effective in straightening your teeth because they use the bracket and archwire method of moving your teeth into position. This means you're guaranteed great results and in the meantime you can show off your bling. 

How much do gold braces cost?

Here at The Brace, gold braces cost £4,000. To help with the cost of treatment, we have three payment options available: 

Option 1

Pay in full before the start of treatment and get a fixed fee reduction of  £200.

Initial total: £4000

Reduction: £200

Reduced total: £3800 

Option 2

0% interest with 14 months instalments

Deposit: £1004

x 14 months £214

Total: £4000 

Option 3

0% interest with 16 months instalments

Deposit: £0

x 16 months £250

Total: £4000


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