Treatment for children

Kid bracesOrthodontic treatment isn’t just beneficial for teenagers and adults – it’s important for children too. That’s because, the earlier your child sees an orthodontist, the earlier any potential orthodontic problems can be identified. It is recommended that your child gets their first orthodontic consultation between the age of seven and 11 while their teeth and jaws are still developing.


We provide an excellent standard of care for those who are referred to us for NHS orthodontic treatment. If you, or your child, would like to be treated under the NHS please ask your dentist to refer you to us.

However there are several limitations to the NHS treatment we can provide:


  • We are only given funding to treat a fixed number of children each year so there may be a waiting list
  • Under NHS rules we are only able to provide NHS treatment to children with the most serious problems with their teeth
  • We are only able to treat children under 18-years-old on the NHS
  • We may not be able to provide treatment if you do not reside in the Primary Care Trust area

If we are unable to provide your child with NHS treatment we can still provide orthodontic treatment for them. With private treatment you will receive the following benefits:

  • All problems can be treated, including those not covered by the NHS
  • No waiting lists
  • A wider choice of braces is available, including those that are tooth coloured and less obvious
  • Convenience and flexibility - appointments can be made in the evenings and after work or school
  • Affordable (0% credit) payment plans to spread the cost

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